Consulting Services

I’ve recently updated the site to include links to the ASU Consultation and Research Institute, my consulting agency, as well as information about expert testimony services. Let me know if we can be of service to you!

News and Updates

After a summer of upheaval, I have assumed a new position as the director of the Consultation and Research Institute (CRI) at Angelo State University. I am repurposing the agency to be focused on issues of patient safety and patient engagement. My vision is that CRI will be able to partner with my colleagues in the health care industry to do a variety of projects in these areas. Please contact me if you have any questions.




This site is dedicated to psychological aspects of safety from a wide variety of perspectives. As a psychologist with background in consultation with pharmacy and health care, I am most interested in the application of psychological principles to the pursuit of safety in all industries, from employees to customers.

This site will ultimately contain old and new essays, links to articles, blog posts, and other information that will hopefully be useful to the reader. Most content is accessible without registering, but you must be a user to post comments or access certain parts of the site.

It is my hope that this site will connect me more readily to like-minded individuals who are also interested in safety as an ultimate goal. Thanks for visiting!